Four Seasons in Duck Property Owners Association, Inc.
was incorporated in late 1999 and development began soon thereafter.  The community was carefully planned and
developed with an eye for the natural beauty of the land.  
All homeowners are members of the Association

Some of the Purposes and Powers of the Association are to:
  • Carry out the duties related to the administration of the operation and the management of the subdivision in accordance with the governing documents
  • Make, establish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the use of the common areas, open spaces and recreational amenities
  • Make, levy and collect assessments against lot owners, to provide the funds to pay for common expenses and to use the proceeds of assessments in the exercise of the powers and duties of the Association
  • Maintain, repair, replace and operate the recreational amenities and the common areas
  • Reconstruct improvements owned by the Association in the event of casualty or other loss
  • Enforce by any legal means, the provisions of the governing documents and the rules and regulations for the use of the common areas and amenities
All owners are automatically members of the association upon acquiring title to property in the community.  

As such, the association members abide by a number of governing documents, which are important to the ongoing management of the community.  

Articles of Incorporation
Declaration and First Amendment
Second Amendment to Declaration
First Amendment to Bylaws
Architectural Guidelines for Single Family Homesites


Owners can choose to pay their annual assessment online by clicking here.  This brings you to the Seaside Management website payment page, then choose either "pay by e-check, one-time payment" or "pay by credit card".  From there, you'll be linked to the association's banking website.  When making the payment, use the following:

Management Company ID:  6785
Association ID:
Unit Account Number: The five-digit account number on your statement